• Improve cash flow to your practice by increasing monthly collections.
  • Dramatically increase the time dedicated to your accounts receivable follow-up.
  • Reduce the amount of dollars in your practice’s accounts receivable.
  • Dedicate your staff to patient care and service. 
  • Eliminate inbound calls from patients regarding billing and statements. 

F&S has provided revenue cycle management for physicians & EMS companies since 2002.

Increase your collections annually by up to 30%

Practice Management

 - 35+ years experience in healthcare finance  and practice management.

 - Monitoring your referral patterns,  productivity, insurance payments trends, and  other detailed information valuable to precision  practice analytics.


 - User friendly, Windows based unified suite  of software products essential to your

 - Chartmaker® Medical Suite developed and  serviced by STI Computer Services, a  Medicare Platinum Level Medical Software  Developer.

​ - All the functionality needed in today’s  changing medical reimbursement and  compliance environment​.

A/R Management

 - Dramatically increase the time dedicated to
 your accounts receivable follow-up.

 - Increase the average percent of claims paid  after the first submission. 

 - Reduce denial rate on claims. 

 - We handle all inbound calls from patients
 regarding billing and statements and are  directly involved in your practice’s accounts.  This helps increase collection of patient  responsibility payments.