Farnsworth & Semptimphelter founded in 2002 is a physician and EMS billing service in Lumberton, NJ. Craig Farnsworth and Robert Semptimphelter each have over 35 years each of healthcare financial experience. Their philosophy is that all physicians should have direct access to their billing service and utilization of effective electronic medical software, including the STI Chartmaker suite. They believe that proper utilization of technology, outsourced billing labor, and their knowledge will help clients to become more efficient in business operations and technology, thus increasing overall financial success.

​ Craig Farnsworth and Robert Semptimphelter each have over 35 years of experience in senior level financial management positions at Virtua Memorial Hospital in Mt. Holly, NJ, Abington Memorial Hospital in PA, and the Saint Barnabas Health Care System. They recognized the need for providing professional billing services with experienced and seasoned healthcare executives that thoroughly understood the daily activities of the practices. Both have been directly responsible for billing for over 300 physicians. With Master level business degrees, they are both experts in healthcare finance and third party reimbursement. 



Why outsource billing?

Outsourced EMS & Medical billing allows you the time to focus on high quality medical care, and removes the countless hours spent on reimbursement and accounts receivable follow-up. 

With a variety of medical specialties, we are experts in dealing with a high volume of medical claims. Our staff has operational protocols in place to deal with all carriers and payers. Utilizing the latest technology available, we are able to find information and transfer it to the necessary decision makers for prompt and thorough payment.

We offer clear and concise information to your patients regarding their medical coverage and responsibilities. Our staff communicates with the patient as an extension of your practice, maximizing efficiency and patient peace of mind.